… and welcome to MARVELOUS, a Nordic digital advertising agency. We’re glad to have you over. Feel free to take a look around. Or you can just hang out here while we tell you a bit more about where we come from, and, more importantly, what we can do for you.

Take Advantage of Us

When MARVELOUS first started in 2011, the goal was to help clients perfect their digital presence in a broad sense through strategy development. Since then, we’ve kept that skill sharp while adding quite a few new tools to our belt. We can take care of everything from website design to marketing strategy. We can create and publish one-off content of any kind as well as plan and execute large scale campaigns across many platforms – both digital and analogue. We can even help you dream up and design an entire visual identity or optimize the language of your brand from end to end. If you need expert guidance on managing your social media presence day to day, we’d love to help you there, too.

We can make you anything from a nice brochure to a brand new brand identity. Whatever your need, strategic or creative, trust that it will be satisfied with MARVELOUS results.

Partners with Benefits

We pride ourselves on playing well with others – be it agencies or any other kind of partner you might have – so you get the best of our combined talents. This comes down to MARVELOUS being born into a large, close-knit family. As part of the Mediabrands family, we’ve been brought up around a lot of siblings with a lot of different skills. That means, when you work with us, you have access to things like cutting edge digital ad tech and industry leading market insights – all thanks to a family that has our back as well as yours. Nuestra familia es su familia.

With the support of The Family, MARVELOUS works independently, which means that we remain agile and highly flexible, so working with us never becomes a stress factor.

Our Bedside Manner

As magnificently skilled as we are, we also believe in not taking ourselves too seriously. We think that our crazy level of expertise leaves room for realness, irony and fun: virtues often forgotten in an industry full of buzzwords and bullshit. We’re great at getting a laugh out of any situation and celebrate communication without filters – with respect, of course.

The creative industry is dominated by big egos. We think we’re awesome, too, but we recognize that everyone can do marvelous work. We respect our peers and love to show them love when they do well. We think that all people, no matter their role in life, are marvelous in their own right.

Our Conception

As you’ve probably just read, we’ve been around since 2011, when we started with a tiny team of 3 people in a crowded Copenhagen office space. The vision was to breed a new type of digital creative agency that would redefine how creative agencies plan and manage marketing across all platforms; to bring together the best aspects of the creative, the digital and the media side of our industry to give our clients engaging, ROI driven solutions rooted in solid facts and detailed insights. With that vision still in our steely sights, we are now made up of over 30 ambitiously laid back experts spread throughout Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki. So, no matter where in the Nordics you need us, just light up that MRVLS signal, and we’ll be there.