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Take a dump in the ocean

An installation encouraging people to use our toilet and “Take a dump in the ocean”

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Every year many million liters of uncleaned wastewater are discharged directly from the Danish sewerage systems into the Øresund strait. The politicians don’t want to prioritize the problem because voters are not aware of the problem.

With the help of an actor, a pair of glasses with a built-in camera and a custom-built toilet with its own drain directly into the sea, we invited people to do exactly as they do at home which is to: “Take a dump in the ocean” We documented people’s reactions and shared the film online


The campaign was targeted directly to politicians and the general public in region of the Øresund strait – a region of no more than 1.8 million people.

We carefully timed the campaign to launch during the most important time of the year for the politicians – the Danish local elections.

The winter swimming community in Denmark is big and by bringing the problem to their doorstep we activated a strong community and highlighted an otherwise invisible and unknown problem to the general public and the politicians. To ensure the spread of the campaign we teamed up with celebrity winter swimmers who helped us spread the message even further.

Finally we tagged politicians in the Facebook post who we knew were friendly towards taking action on the matter, giving them an excuse to start a debate on the matter and to get noticed at the local elections.


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