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Pixi book for peace

A childrens book made to welcome ukranian refugee children. Now distributed by Red Cross.

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When the Russians invaded Ukraine and sent a wave of refugees west, we discussed how we could help. We wanted to make a gesture that showed the refugees that they were welcome in our country. We wanted them to feel that Denmark was not that different from Ukraine and hopefully take the edge off arriving in a strange, new country.

The format of a pixi-book seemed the most appropriate way to do this. It had to be something that didn’t burden anybody, and could they easily be brought along. We also reasoned that a children’s book could reach both parents and children, as many parents would probably read the book to their children. It came complete with a phrasebook that could help them communicate with Danish children.

We posted on Facebook and LinkedIn to connect with people who were in contact with Ukranian refugees and could help them get the books.

The news told the story of
how DSB handed out our books
in their trains.

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