Advertising campaign

We created an exciting 3D universe to depict the feeling of gaming in a full-funnel campaign

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Spillehallen produces slot machines. Back in the day they were physical - now they are digital – but they have always delivered the same original excitement to their users. Our campaign captures this feeling and shows what it is like to have an arcade in your pocket.

Spillehallen wanted to aim their new campaign at 3 different target groups, so we recreated the Spillehallen games with best penetration in each group in 3D, and made them each the stage for a story about what it feels like to be able to fill all the little breaks in a day with cool games.

Female Gambler

The ads targeting female gamblers took place in Coco Bananas beach paradise and showed how a boring wait at the hairdressers can become the most entertaining part of the day.

Hopeful gambler

The ads targeting male gamblers were moved to a viking universe where Harald Blåtand challenged the man to win a jackpot while waiting at the car wash.

Across platforms

We created the main characters
from the most popular games in
highly detailed 3D. In this way we
could animate that character for
both TVCs, OLVs and all sorts of
animated banners across all the
channels and platforms the
campaign came out on.


A big part of the campaign was banners across various online platforms. Our stories seamlessly adapted to whatever format each platform needed because flexibility was built into the concept itself.

One universe - six games

As Spillehallen expands their portfolio the new characters are built in 3D and added effortlessly to the universe - and the marketing campaign.

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