GN Resound

Hear like no other

We created a global, premium launch campaign for the ground-breaking ReSound ONE. The campaign was two-step. Communicating primarily to Hearing Care Professionals — and through them to consumer. All under the concept of communicating an unparalleled individual hearing experience and the tagline 'Hear like no other'

Perfect on every platform

The beating heart of the campaign is a functionally powerful and beautifully designed website that adapts across platforms. The charater grid is the key to unlocking the incividuel stories of the amazing experience of Resound ONE

Complete adaptability

Display banners in every possible format to drive traffic to the central website with key messages from the long list of powerful functions in the Resound ONE

Beauty on every page

ReSound is a premium brand. This was expressed in every aspect of the campaign, but nowhere clearer than in the brochures. Beautiful products shots in an immensely elegant layout. From first glance to the final page it is a visually stunning journy

Other cases


This is not a beer campaign


Advertising campaign

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